At our church for the last several years we’ve had a Thanksgiving and Praise service early in the Thanksgiving week, and it sets a lovely mood for the rest of the week.

This year we spent the Thanksgiving day with my wife’s family, enjoying food and each other’s company. We had the standard turkey and cranberry sauce, and finished up with the classics: pumpkin pie and pecan pie.

Following Thanksgiving day, we went looking for a Christmas tree on Friday. We wandered around a Christmas tree farm for a while, but didn’t find anything that caught our eye. After a lunch break at Chick-fil-A, we went out to Menards and picked up one of their pre-cut trees. This is kind of a risky business, since you never know what the tree is going to look like until you get it home.

Once we brought it home and let it sit for a bit, it opened up and looks really great! We finished decorating it on Saturday with some help from the boys. They were thrilled to be helping with the ornaments!

Looking back, we only went to one store on Black Friday, and that was Menards for the tree. We also picked up a shelf for our closet while we were there.

Now as we are looking at the beginning of December, we’re excited to get into the Christmas spirit. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more pictures of that as we go along!